September 16, 2010

NCR teams with PharmaTrust

News from Canada & Healthcare with medication dispensing kiosk by NCR in partnership with PharmaTrust and StayHealthy.

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A medication-dispensing kiosk has been installed in several Canadian hospitals as part of a partnership between NCR Corp., PharmaTrust and StayHealthy to reduce patient wait times, according to an article in

The PharmaTrust MedCentre System dispenses prescription medications at hospitals, physician offices, pharmacies, health care centers and remote locations.

Nelson Gomez, an NCR vice president, said that about half the people who check into a hospital are low-risk patients who do not need the attention of a doctor. “The wait times for these people are up to six hours. These people can now spend 30 minutes to see a doctor and get their medication through an NCR-built kiosk,” Gomez said.

source link | KioskMarketplace

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