December 10, 2009

L-1 Identity Solutions Introduces Self-Service Kiosks for Driver’s License Renewals and Replacements

STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: ID), a leading provider of identity solutions and services, today introduced new automated kiosks for processing driver’s license renewals and replacements. With more than half of all license transactions relating to replacements and renewals, the self-service kiosks streamline Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) operations and offer the public a faster and more convenient alternative to waiting in line for agents

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The first two L-1 kiosks will be made available to the public today at Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS) headquarters in Jackson, MS. Six additional kiosks will roll out by the end of the month across State DPS offices; additional kiosks are expected to be installed in 2010.
“For us this is more than just a technological innovation, the kiosks add a new dynamic to the way in which we interact with our customers,” said Stephen Simpson, Commissioner of the Mississippi DPS. “Automating the simple, yet time and labor consuming tasks of renewal and replacement will boost operational efficiencies while paving the way for reduced wait times, shorter lines and more quality interactions between our staff and the public. We have promoted the kiosks to the public over the last few months and the reaction so far has been very positive.”
Robert V. LaPenta, Chairman, President and CEO of L-1 Identity Solutions added, “Self-service kiosks are everywhere, widely used by the public for everything from airport checks-ins to retail check-outs. The convenience and speed these systems offer lend itself naturally to adoption within a DMV, directly benefiting both the State and its drivers. This also represents an opportunity for L-1 to pursue a new form of recurring revenue based on convenience fees paid by users; income that is independent from, and additive to, the revenues we generate from our State driver’s license production contracts.”
L-1 provides driver’s license solutions to 80 percent of U.S. states.
How it Works
Using a simple touch screen menu, customers are led through a series of prompts to securely enter personal information that will be used to locate their record in the DMV system. The kiosk then takes a photo and performs a 1:1 facial recognition match against the existing photos in the DMV database to verify the identity. Once the identity details are confirmed, the consumer’s credit/debit payment is processed on the kiosk using a card swipe. If the State uses an Over-the-Counter issuance system, the kiosk dispenses a bar coded receipt that can be exchanged at the express window of the DMV office for the new card. For States using Central Issuance systems, the kiosk produces an interim document/receipt for use until the secure card is received in the mail.
State-of-the art security technologies ensure the integrity of every transaction and the privacy of information provided on the kiosk. The unit does not retain any personal information. Data collected is transmitted via a secure encrypted line from the kiosk workstation to the DMV host server and database system where it is stored and managed by the State. Photos taken at the kiosk are purged from the machines after they are taken and transmitted to the central image server.
Flexible and agnostic, the kiosks support a wide range of card types from L-1 and other third party suppliers, making the kiosks ideal for any State and any card. The units are extensible, easily supporting future requirements such as photo first workflow and incorporating other simple transactions such as appointment scheduling, updating customer data, fine and civil penalty collection, and more.
The kiosks can be located in areas outside of office traffic flow to help ease congestion. They also can be placed in heavily trafficked public places, adding more service outlet locations for added convenience, such as in libraries, shopping malls, County offices and courthouses, AAA offices, and more.
Several different payment models are available to meet the complete range of budgetary needs and business objectives. This includes purchase or lease of units and convenience fee-based operation.
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