November 02, 2009

ATM News - Wincor Shows Gift Card Dispense

Last week at the Debit & Prepaid Forum in Vegas, Wincor Nixdorf showed off it's latest ATMs with new gift card dispense. They work with Better ATM Services and they utilize a standard cash dispenser to serve as hopper and dispenser. It says they print gift cards but that's overstatement.

ATM, DEBIT & PREPAID FORUM: Gift-card dispensing at ATM gets thumbs up from Wincor Nixdorf

By Tracy Kitten editor
• 30 Oct 2009

Advanced functions at ATMs have been touted for a number of years; few have taken off. But prepaid-card dispensing may be the exception, as a number of big-name ATM manufacturers are feverishly working to integrate the technology into their ATM platforms.

During last week’s ATM, Debit & Prepaid Forum in Las Vegas, a number of ATM manufacturers, including Wincor Nixdorf AG and Nautilus Hyosung America Inc., demonstrated card-dispensing functionality for the ATM. The underlying technology: Deposit automation, which facilitates the immediate acceptance of cash, check or debit for payment of credit to the card.

Through a partnership with Better ATM Services, Wincor Nixdorf is launching its prepaid-card dispensing option. Triton Systems of Delaware and Diebold Inc. also have partnered with Better ATM. Better ATM’s solution uses an ATM’s cash dispenser or cash tray to print prepaid cards, so no upgrades to the ATM are required.

“We think this app for prepaid-card dispensing will go over well, especially in the branch, since issuing prepaid cards is cumbersome for branch staff,” said Wincor Nixdorf’s Saul Caprio during a demonstration at the Forum. “This application runs on our normal ProCash software, so it’s very easy to implement.”

Nice video demonstration

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