November 27, 2007

In-store online internet kiosks for Boots retailer

Boots_Kiosks_News-100.jpg High street retailer Boots is using Amatica’s kiosk expertise and services to pilot in-store internet kiosks, enabling access to the retailers website The Boots self-service kiosks were launched this month.


The scheme to offer customers in-store internet access is being piloted in two of the retailer’s town centre outlets in Kingston-upon-Thames and Oxford. A Boots branded four seat self-service internet café in each store provides customers with an alternative method of in-store shopping, enabling them to view and purchase a wide range of items from the website.

Amatica is providing self-service kiosk applications design, integration and configuration consultancy to Boots as well as secure browser software to ensure the security of the PC and network infrastructure from misuse and malicious interference. Amatica is working closely with Boots’ business consultancy and IT suppliers Xansa and IBM.

Part of Amatica’s contract involves the provision of specialist kiosk software SiteKiosk which has facilities to brand the internet browser environment with Boots corporate livery, promote secure kiosk PCs and limit internet access to permitted websites. In addition, SiteKiosk captures usage statistics for analysis.

Amatica has over 10 years experience of self-service kiosk projects, providing its specialist services to retail, national health and local government organisations.

For further information contact:
Mark Sampey, Business Relationship Manager
Telephone: 0151 650 6991

Posted by staff at November 27, 2007 01:06 PM